Get to know our 2015 summer intern, Katherine Lee

3Points is very excited to welcome our summer intern for 2015, Katherine Lee. Get to know Katherine via the short Q&A below.

Get to know our 2015 summer intern, Katherine Lee

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3Points is very excited to welcome our summer intern for 2015, Katherine Lee. Katherine just finished her sophomore year at Northwestern, and will be assisting our clients in a variety of ways over the summer. Get to know Katherine via the short Q&A below, and keep an eye out for a blog post or two from her over the next few months.


Q: What interests you most about Communications and PR?

I’ve always loved learning new things and sharing them with other people. I like to observe and remember details about everyone I see, so when I meet people working on interesting projects, I remember all their characteristics and try to do whatever I can to help them find others who might be interested.


(My dad is a huge fan of The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin’s old TV show about the White House. I always watched the show with him, and growing up, I really wanted to be like C.J. Cregg, the press secretary in the series. I was so impressed by the way she dealt with the press and maintained credibility in crisis situations.)


Q: What interested you about 3Points specifically?

I love that it’s a boutique PR firm, which means I can work closely with and learn from everyone in the office. When I first came across 3Points online, I liked that the website, instead of just having a row of client logos like some companies do, presented the different ways it helped specific clients. I could tell the company paid attention to the characteristics and needs of each client. To me, that felt like the most important thing in communications.


3Points intern Katherine Lee with Account Partner Suanna Van Norstrand

3Points intern Katherine Lee with Account Partner Suanna Van Norstrand


Q: What has your experience been like at Northwestern, particularly as an international student?

I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Two years ago, I moved to Chicago to attend Northwestern. It was a big decision for me to move so far away by myself, but the experience has made me a lot more open to change. Being at Northwestern has been great. There are so many interesting people with different ideas, and there’s always something to learn from someone.


Q: What skills have you picked up in classes that you look forward to using?

I’m a journalism student, so the things I learn in classes are a lot different from what I learn in a normal classroom setting. I learned to see different angles to a story, ask questions to help people tell their stories, and organize information to be coherent and pleasant to look at.


Q: What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work/school?

I was a figure skater for seven years, and I also coached little kids for a year. I don’t have much time to go to the ice rink now, but I still do some translation work for people in the skating world and follow all the big competitions. I’m also studying to become a competition judge. It’s a passion and hobby I hope to keep.

I also love going to performances and exhibitions. Museums and galleries are my first stops when I travel to new cities or go back home for break. I’m also really fond of the performing arts. My favorites are ballet, musical theater, and jazz music. I was really excited when I learned that the late pianist Eddie Higgins, one of my favorite jazz musicians, was once a student at Northwestern.


Q: What do you like most about Chicago? And what are you looking forward to doing over the summer?

I’ve met so many people in Chicago who have shared their fragments of the city’s history with me. There are fascinating stories behind everything in Chicago. The Sting was set in Chicago because this was where con men came to practice their tricks. The world’s first skyscraper was built in Chicago after the Great Fire. The Green Mill jazz lounge is one of the best jazz clubs in the country, but most people remember it as Al Capone’s favorite hangout. No other city can tell the stories that Chicago can, and now that I’ll be in Chicago all summer, I want to explore all the different things that I didn’t have time for. I want to try the Architecture Tour on the Chicago River, go to performances in the Theatre District and find interesting restaurants around the Loop.

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