Get to know our new account partner, Taylar Ramsey

Taylar brings industry expertise to lead HR & Wellness practice

Get to know our new account partner, Taylar Ramsey

           March 17, 2016         Communications, human resources, PR,

3Points is pleased to welcome Taylar Ramsey as a new account partner. Taylar will assist clients through a variety of earned, owned and social media services, focusing mainly in our HR & Wellness practice. Taylar brings a great deal of communications experience, and a much-appreciated sense of fashion flair, to 3Points — get to know her better via this short Q&A.


What is your background in communications and PR?

PR first piqued my interest in college. It was a new field within the communication scope and was introduced tome as a career revolved around event planning. I thought, “I love coordinating plans!” Unbeknownst to me, the field was so much more multi-faceted than that, and that’s what keeps things exciting and me motivated.

Over the course of the last seven years, I went from full-time intern at an advertising agency to marketing manager for a human capital publishing company (with a few various roles peppered in between.) My move to Chicago occurred in the middle of those years; a random conversation with a well-respected marketing guru changed my course with one simple declaration: “Oh, your field is in Chicago.”

What interested you most about 3Points specifically?

I’ve been a longtime fan of 3Points as I was actually a client prior to joining the agency. I was impressed with their diligence, clever tactics and innovative solutions. I found their hands-on approach (aka them working from our office) very helpful in achieving our shared goals.

On a personal level though, mentorship, encouragement and teamwork have always been characteristics of an ideal job in my book, and I knew 3Points to be built on all of those qualities and more.

What excites you about the HR and Wellness fields?

The progression. What used to qualify as an administrative function has now evolved into something executives are heavily involved in. Plus, the passion from the people in the HR and Wellness field is unmistakable — these individuals are driven by curiosity, creative thinking, and have chosen that professional path because they genuinely care about helping others find happiness in their careers.

What types of things do you like to do outside of work?

I make jewelry and maintain an Etsy-shop. My social life, however, is comprised of trying new restaurants around the city, exploring antique shops and simply hanging out with friends.

After growing up in Cincinnati, what do you like most about living in Chicago?

The creative culture and the friends I’ve made. It’s impossible to be bored in this city — There’s always something interesting to do, no matter what time of day or night.

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