How Flexibility Helps Us Form Long-Term Client Relationships

It's easy to take a project-based view in PR, but by letting client relationships grow and evolve, both sides will reap the benefits.

How Flexibility Helps Us Form Long-Term Client Relationships

           September 13, 2016         client partnerships, PR contracts, Trading Technologies,

It can be easy to see PR and Communications as a project-based field. Clients often come to us with a specific problem or objective in mind, and we help them solve that problem or hit that objective — otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs.

But a project-based view, while useful for getting things done, can often lead to short-term engagements. At 3Points, we value long-term client relationships, and believe that those tend to provide the most value and the best results. And one key to long-term relationships is flexibility.

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot recently, as we just signed a new contract with one of our staple clients, Trading Technologies. 3Points was founded in 2010, and we began working with TT in 2011. We were grateful for their trust in us then, and we remain grateful today.

We also admire them for the way they’ve adapted and reinvented themselves in the midst of two rapidly changing spheres (capital markets and the Chicago tech community), and we’re proud of the role we’ve played in helping them do that. Through the ups and downs, they have made us really feel like we’re not just a vendor, but are actually a part of the TT team.

Of course, our relationship has morphed many times during the past five years. Sometimes we’ve been just consulting on a few things, other times we’ve been managing numerous communications channels for them. We’ve always performed our core service of media relations, but there have been dozens of additional projects we’ve taken on — whether for days, months or years — as needed. And those projects have ranged from building a custom marketing analytics dashboard to teaching their interns about creating their professional brand to revamping @Trading_Tech’s strategy and process for Twitter content.

This type of flexibility has become crucial in PR, as different forms of communication continue to appear and gain popularity. In the words of TT’s CMO, Brian Mehta:

“3Points brings true trading domain expertise and influential contacts together with a “get it done” attitude and expertise across a variety of communication channels. As such, we’ve relied on them for a variety of different initiatives, and given our long-term partnership, we can trust them in a manner consistent with TT’s principles. Our primary account partner, Lorna Kiewert, has shown the consistency and attention to detail that is hard to find. We appreciate this partnership and were happy to renew.”

Our relationship with TT is just one example of the long-term client relationships we value and strive for at 3Points. In today’s world, communication with your publics never stops — but it does change. As an agency, we need to be able to adapt through those changes, so that our partners can too.

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