3Points measures the success of our combined efforts in a variety of ways. Web and social media analytics are a useful measurement tool, as is tracking the number of meaningful relationships we established for you with the media. We’ve seen measurement done according to a company’s voice in the media relative to its competitors, and while that is important, intangible things like a steady hand during a crisis also provides a return on your PR investment.

There are two main types of PR measurement to consider:


Anything that can be reduced to a number, often using tools such as Google Analytics. For example:

- Site/content viewership
- Website click-throughs
- Advertising equivalency
- Competitive share of voice in target media


Cannot be measured with a number, but often yields more valuable insights that can help guide strategy going forward. For example:

- Positive company image
- Your key messages being picked up by influencers
- People’s shift of opinions (i.e., feeling more confident investing)
- Human filter of news coverage (i.e., news briefs)

Measurement is an important element in our efforts on your behalf and we will work closely with you to ensure the right metrics are being used for each element of the plan.
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