After their first year in business, tradeMONSTER’s brokerage services, support and technology had been widely acclaimed by media and their new customers. However, they needed a tagline to succinctly represent their purpose and attract new customers.


Charged with this task, 3Points founder Drew Mauck had closely examined their competitive landscape and determined that there was an opportunity to claim branding territory in both the “trading” and “investing” space. Big name brokers such as Charles Schwab associated themselves with “investing,” while up-and-comers such as thinkorswim and Interactive Brokers were all about high-speed “trading,” leaving a vast customer segment unaddressed. Mauck advised tradeMONSTER to court the individual who had a desire to control their financial future, but was unwilling to make it their career. With buy and hold “investing” clearly a thing of the past, and a “trading” lifestyle too taxing, Mauck created the tradeMONSTER tag – “Proactive Investing.”


tradeMONSTER adopted “Proactive Investing” as their corporate tag, their CEO employed it in interviews, they incorporated the phrase in their advertising, and the movement drew customers to fund accounts and take control of their financial future.
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