Why 3Points Sponsors Three Pointers

The 3Points name, giving back to the community and "the rule of three"

Why 3Points Sponsors Three Pointers

           March 10, 2016         3points, company philanthropy, Justin Wynn Fund,

Since founding 3Points six years ago, many have asked about our name, 3Points. My main inspiration came from the “rule of three,” which argues in favor of keeping your message to three key points, so that you don’t lose your audience. In other words, simple and straightforward communication is far more effective than trying to make way too many different points at once. See these pieces from Forbes and The New York Times that provide some science to our claim.

But I can admit that I also liked the basketball connection of the name. Basketball has a proud tradition in Chicago, and I try to play as often as I can — not only because I love the game, but because it helps me stay fit, which in turn keeps my mind sharp.

This basketball connection, intentional or not, is part of the reason that 3Points sponsors the Justin Wynn Leadership Academy’s 3-on-3 tournament in Evanston. The co-ed tournament — which took place last weekend — gets kids from 3rd through 6th grades on the court, and a portion of the proceeds goes toward the Evanston Scholars program.

I’ve been honored to work with the Justin Wynn Fund for many years now, and it has been extremely rewarding to see so many kids use the fund to do great things in their community. This March’s tournament was the second time that 3Points has donated shirts to this event, and I love to use it as an example when I talk to companies about philanthropy. Giving back is important for any organization, but we always encourage clients to find causes that have meaning for them both professionally and personally.

For 3Points, that’s the Justin Wynn Tournament. Aside from my personal connection to the organization, the basketball setting gives us a perfect segue to talk about our name, which gets to the core of what we do as a company. It’s also nice to assist [basketball pun] an event in your own community — I was raised in Evanston and live there now. So the people seeing our 3Points logos are those I will be seeing and networking with in my day-to-day life anyway.

Another example would be the T4Youth table tennis tournament we highlighted last month. Our client (and co-founder of the event), Objective Paradigm, is a recruiting firm that specializes in Chicago’s technology space. The tournament we put on not only benefited a cause that aims to boost tech young talent in the city, but it also dramatically raised OP’s profile with the 30+ tech firms that participated.

This is not to say that your company philanthropy should be primarily motivated by business — that kind of ruins the point. First and foremost, the cause must be worthy on its own merits. But if you can find a way to give back that ties in meaningfully with your work, you’ll forge a bond that will ultimately help both your community and your company.

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