Chicago Stock Exchange



Until 2018, the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) was the last privately held exchange in the United States. Given its small size, however, the company needed greater visibility and name recognition in the industry. CHX signed on with 3Points in 2015, and we had been working on building their presence via both earned and social media, where we helped create the exchange’s Twitter account from scratch. Visibility increased through these mediums, but one facet was still missing: an outlet for created content. The exchange needed a medium that would be more visible than the “Notices” section of its website and less expensive than Business Wire releases for company announcements.


3Points developed a blog strategy specific to the needs of CHX by creating a Medium page for the exchange. Medium was not only easy to read and simple to manage, but it also had better online discoverability. Since creating the page, Medium became the preferred outlet for company statements and announcements. Along with these kinds of releases, we also worked to post a diverse range of content, sometimes using Medium as a forum for opinion pieces, for which the exchange did not previously have a proper outlet. Finally, we launched two blog series that were popular with readers. With CHX starting its own Women’s Forum, we took the opportunity to create a blog series around the forum, spotlighting the exchange’s female employees. The success of that series led us to start a second series, interviewing former CHX trading floor veterans.