Queen Mary

Queen Mary


The Queen Mary, a historic ocean liner (Note: Economic Impact Report from 2019 focusing on the prior two years (2017–2019), with a storied past, is an iconic landmark moored in Long Beach, California. Once a grand vessel for transatlantic travel, the ship was transformed into a multi-faceted entertainment and hospitality destination. However, in recent years, it faced challenges in maintaining its reputation and attracting a new generation of visitors. A strategic PR campaign was required to rejuvenate Queen Mary’s image, highlight its unique offerings, and engage diverse audiences.


The primary goal of the PR campaign was to position the Queen Mary as a must-visit destination that seamlessly blends its rich maritime history with historic luxury, entertainment, and unique experiences.
This involved raising awareness about the ship’s offerings, attracting local and international visitors, and dispelling misconceptions about the Queen Mary’s accessibility and relevance.


Preserving Legacy

To leverage the Queen Mary’s historical significance, the PR team highlighted the ship’s authentic Art Deco design, maritime heritage, and historical milestones. Stories of its transatlantic voyages and notable guests were curated to create a sense of nostalgia and intrigue.

Modern Luxury

Emphasizing the ship’s transformation into a luxurious and contemporary destination, the PR campaign showcased its upscale dining options, elegant event spaces, and boutique hotel rooms. Collaborations with renowned chefs and designers were highlighted to underscore the Queen Mary’s commitment to providing a high-end experience.

Cultural events

The Queen Mary’s calendar was reimagined to include a wide range of events, including holidays events, music festivals, art exhibitions, and cultural celebrations. These occasions were designed to attract a wide audience, from millennials seeking unique experiences to families looking for entertainment.

Digital engagement

A robust online presence was created, with a revamped website and active social media profiles. Engaging content, including behind-the-scenes videos, historical trivia, and user-generated content, was shared to foster a sense of community among Queen Mary enthusiasts.


Media Partnerships

Collaborated with travel, lifestyle, and history-related media outlets to feature in-depth articles, interviews, and virtual tours, spotlighting the Queen Mary’s revitalization efforts and its unique offerings.

Influencer Engagement

Partnered with social media influencers, both local and international, to showcase their personal experiences aboard the Queen Mary. Their authentic testimonials resonated with their followers and expanded the ship’s reach.

Event Showcases

Organized exclusive events for journalists, influencers, and community leaders to experience the Queen Mary firsthand, allowing them to witness the ship’s transformation and share their experiences.

Press Releases & Media Kits

that highlighted key milestones, partnerships, and upcoming events, ensuring consistent coverage in various media outlets.


The PR campaign successfully reinvigorated the Queen Mary’s image and positioned it as a premier destination in Long Beach. Key outcomes included:

Increased Footfall

Visitor numbers surged, including a notable increase in younger visitors and families, validating the success of the campaign’s efforts to broaden the ship’s appeal. Traffic to the destination increased 20 percent with our involvement with nearly a quarter of the six million visitors to Long Beach, making a visit to the landmark (1.5 million).

Media Attention

Our campaigns garnered extensive media coverage across print, online, and broadcast outlets, resulting in a significant increase in positive stories highlighting Queen Mary’s transformation. For the holiday seasons, all seven regional broadcast networks covered the ship’s event including national coverage on The Today Show, Good Morning America and CBS Morning News.

Engagement and Community Building

The ship’s social media following experienced remarkable growth, fostering an engaged community that actively shared their experiences, generating organic promotion.

The Queen Mary’s PR campaign effectively combined its rich history with contemporary luxury, culminating in a compelling narrative that captured the attention of a diverse audience. By dispelling misconceptions, emphasizing accessibility, and embracing modernity, the Queen Mary reasserted its status as a timeless icon, ensuring its legacy continues to thrive for generations to come.