We’re all about playing the role of “connector,” providing reporters with captivating storylines and getting our clients the attention that they deserve. Media placements are “earned” because coverage is never a given—you have to earn the respect and trust of the media, and we do that by working hard to cultivate lasting reporter and editorial relationships on your behalf, rather than just trying to use reporters for exposure. Below is a list of earned media strategies that we employ to put our clients in front of a relevant and expansive audience.

Earned media

Blurb on earned media for the services page: Earned media is at the heart of our efforts, as we work extremely well with bona fide media, national and trade, in order to assure you obtain the visibility and credibility you deserve.

Our targeted services include:

  • Messaging and brand development
  • Persona development
  • Thought leadership programs
  • Media list development and management
  • Expert source pitching
  • Market commentary pitching
  • Media training and interview preparation
  • Media tour planning and on-site facilitation
  • Press release drafting, editing, and distribution
  • Bylined article drafting and pitching
  • Corporate awards and rankings submissions
  • Conference and event support
  • Public speaking, pitching, and preparation
  • Crisis communications planning
  • Industry news curation

Owned media

Owned media—often referred to as content marketing—is how you tell your story. You control the narrative, the messaging, and the medium. To help you tell your story effectively, 3Points provides a wide array of content development services, including comprehensive analytics to measure the impact of your owned communications. We’ll work with you to establish thought leadership in your industry and attract important prospects and stakeholders. Below is a list of owned media strategies that we utilize to help our clients use content to their advantage.

Our targeted services include:

  • Content strategy development
  • Blog drafting & execution
  • Website copy consultation, writing, and editing
  • Website analytics reporting
  • White paper development
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Graphic design & infographic development
  • Marketing collateral development
  • Video filming & editing
  • Reputation management consulting (SEO)
  • Google AdWords campaign management
  • Testimonial sourcing
  • Internal communications planning
  • Wiki & online directory management

Social media

In addition to amplifying pieces of earned and owned media, social media gives your brand a “voice” and breaks down barriers between you and your audience. In fact, it allows your audience—and your employees, for that matter—to have a say in how your brand is perceived. For that reason, it’s important not only to have a social media presence, but to ensure that this presence is executed properly. Below is a list of our social media strategies, designed to drive conversation and engagement.

Our targeted services include:

  • Strategy and campaign development
  • Content management
  • Platform management & execution
  • Review tracking & response
  • Live event coverage
  • Multimedia creation & sourcing
  • Profile audits
  • Social media bootcamp for employees
  • Personal brand development
  • Analytics reporting
  • PPC campaign management

Funding announcement

Funding rounds are newsworthy events for a startup. However, they don’t come frequently, so it is important to maximize the impact of the announcement.

A funding announcement serves as an opportunity to:

  • Position an early-stage company as a leader within its industry
  • Introduce journalists and the public to the brand
  • Build brand credibility

As experienced communicators within the Chicago tech and business communities, 3Points has developed proven strategies for helping companies navigate these critical moments. Our Funding Announcement Package consists of media relations and content deliverables that help you define your narrative and elevate your profile.

What we do:

Earned Media

  • Draft & distribute press release on Business Wire
  • Build media list & maintain media coverage report
  • Send targeted pitches to media
  • Manage interview preparation & follow-up

Owned Media

  • Draft company description/boilerplate.
  • Draft company “Origin Story.”
  • Draft or revise bios for leadership team.
  • Draft a “Founder’s Post” that focuses on the why.
  • Design custom social media graphics.

Social Media

  • Draft social media posts surrounding funding announcement.
  • Draft social media posts to amplify earned media placements.

Some Companies We’ve Helped Elevate

Marketing Material

Infographics, case studies, one-pagers—what these documents say is important, but how they look is equally important. Whether digital or physical, 3Points makes these materials visually appealing, therefore making it easier for your audience to retain the information within.

Vector Artwork

Whether you are trying to uphold and strengthen your current imagery, or come up with a dynamic new look, 3Points will make sure your company’s brand reflects your values and resonates with your audience.

Logo Work

A logo is the most forefront facing aspect of any brand. In today’s world, your logo could be what sets you apart from competitors, attracts potential clients, and can even influence who wants to work for you. Whether it is coming up with a new idea, or revamping something that exists, 3Points knows the importance of creating a high quality logo.

Style Guide

A style guide can be compared to the anatomy of
a brand. It holds all of the pertinent information to
keep a brand unified and consistent such as typography, logo pracitces, color palette, and more!

Vector Artwork

Keeping a sleek and modern look for your brand is more important now than it ever was before. Whether it is vectorized headshots, or imagery to accompany content on marketing material, vector artwork is a great way to give a professional and creative look to any branded material.

Social Media

With social media becoming ever more prevalent,
your content needs to stand out in crowded feeds—
and compelling imagery has been proven to drive engagement. With expertly made graphics, 3Points
can help you enhance and uphold your social
media appearance.